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Chatbots are conversational programs that pop up on your website and social media page via a chat.

As software applications, they utilise advanced technology and natural language to understand and address the needs of your patients, based on the questions they ask and how you set them up.

Here’s why chatbots are relevant to Clinics, Hospitals and Health Service Providers like you:

Through our reliable chatbots, your clinic will be able to

Better efficiency

By answer various enquiries and simple FAQS via your website, like “available treatments” and “schedule appointments”, chatbots allow your medical team to focus on more important tasks, with less distractions.

Recruit new patients

Chatbots provide real-time answers to the early-stage questions of potential patients, encouraging more people to book appointments easily.

Patients love them

According to our research, 80% of patients prefer interacting with fast chatbots than with humans due to their speed of response and constant availability.


ClinicBots are built to make your customer service seamless. They enhance how you cater to customer problems and FAQS by bridging the gap between you and patients.

Created to add value to your business, chatbots can help you in many different ways:

Reduce your costs

Clinic Chatbots provide cost savings by sparing you from spending money on hiring more staff to answer basic questions.

Inform your patients about their treatments

With chatbots, it’s possible to provide specific and relevant information to patients about treatments just by asking them for the name of their medication or procedure.

Facilitate reviews and surveys

Chatbots enable you to be constantly in touch with patients. They can identify happy patients and ask for reviews or run a satisfaction survey to gain valuable feedback.

WHY ClinicBots?

ClinicBots deliver a wide range of features and benefits that can change customer service for Clinics and Health Centres.

24/7 Availability

ChatBots don’t need to sleep or rest, so ClinicBots can interact with patients even after business hours.

Allows for continuous learning

ClinicBots uses the latest in conversation AI and machine learning to constantly keep up with your patients’ needs.


ClinicBots enables you to design your chatbot’s own persona and tone, so it matches your personal brand.

Automated and safe

Effectively handle all inbound enquiries with fully automated responses generated by ClinicBots.

Accommodates FAQs

Set standard answers for frequently asked questions (FAQs) to reduce waiting time and prevent patients from clicking away.

Efficient appointment setting

By informing them of available slots and times, ClinicBots allows your patients to easily book initial consultations around your schedule.

Real-time handover to a human

When the conversation gets too complicated, ClinicBots has a handover feature that lets your team take charge immediately.

Excellent customer support

From patients’ first touchpoint with your website, ClinicBots ensures you deliver services that are customer centric.

Lead conversion

With ClinicBots, you can efficiently motivate visitors to book appointments – converting them into patients easily without your team lifting a finger.

Reliable data capture and surveys

ClinicBots can create forms that you can use to collect relevant data. It also enables you to survey your patients.


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