A bot or “chatbot” is an application of software used to conduct an on-line chat conversation via text or text-to-speech, designed to convincingly stimulate the way a human would behave, we create virtual agents to handle these tasks in lieu of providing direct contact with a live human agent. Providing a very cost effective solution
We have developed a clinic specific version of our virtual agents. Most new visitors are interested in finding out more of the service and the processes involved – we refer to these as top-of-funnel prospects and the virtual agents are trained to solve the FAQ’s and recognise the prospect value based on the conversation. The agents are then trained to set up appointments with the highest value prospects
Behind the bot is a “brain” purpose built to provide its smarts to the bot – this is a 3rd party platform, currently we use Google’s AI platform – Dialogflow.
ClinicBots read, listen & interpret the words given to them by a consumer and provide a predetermined answer.
Aside from being experts in all things medical confidentiality in comparison to our competitors, ClinicBots also use a Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, whereas most market bots are rule-based, having to follow a preset conversation ‘path’. Another differentiation which makes ClinicBots a standout is that our services are provided as a managed service (developing and maintaining the bot). So we do all the work for you.
Mainly to keep the humans performing more important tasks – as humans are expensive they need to produce commercial results normally.
ClinicBots specialise in AI specifically for clinics and health centres. Inquire today & see how ClinicBots can help.
No, ClinicBots are trained using their industry experts and take privacy and confidentiality very seriously. All information that is recorded through a ClinicBot, is encrypted and stored securely on the cloud. You can view our privacy policy here.
Yes – engagement metrics (conversation time, click outs, conversions), natural language processing (intent measures, sentiment analysis) are all records and displayed in the user interface in real time.
All responses from a ClinicBot are carefully curated, trained & approved before becoming live on the chatbot platform.
YES! That is why ClinicBots stands out against any other platform. If you have a social page (facebook) with reasonable traffic and followers we recommend using messenger as the messaging tool.
ClinicBots use Multi-media & Rich messages such as text/image/attachments/hyperlinks, which change the responses to fit your business brand/persona and best answer the consumer. ClinicBots are also a VoiceBot provider which offer’s consumers a 
Voice: Text-to-speech, comes with preset tones (we use Google’s WaveNet voices, 90+) Language: see 12
Yes! ClinicBots are multilingual and able to be translated to most languages using Google Translate.
ClinicBots are fully automated with the option for human handover if the need presents itself. It can be fully automated to handle large volumes of rudimentary inquiries, however the best user experience is paired with allowing human admins to handle the more complex inquiries.
Yes! ClinicBots have partnered with many human-assisted chat platforms in the past. As long as the third-party platform has messaging API capabilities.
The VoiceBot is an additional service of ClinicBots where When it is asked a question, the voice bot uses a complex algorithm to analyze the questions being asked; It tries to capture the words and then answer the question in a reverse fashion; This gives a similar experience of a real-life officer.
After you are presented with a demo of ClinicBots services and offerings, our team of experts scan your company’s website
Yes, for ClinicBots to be able to effectively & efficiently communicate with your clients, we rigorously train the ClinicBot to best answer any questions that consumers may ask it. This includes the website FAQs, the bot tone, automatic responses and dialogue flows.
Yes in most instances – as most CRM platforms are capable of sending and receiving leads, so this falls in line with the ClinicBots main purpose – to assist companies in increasing sales as well as pleasing their current customers.